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| FEBRUARY 19 – MARCH 20 |Color = Maroon |Tone B Major |

The Taurus symbol is the head and horns of a bull. According to astrological theory, Taurus rules the neck and throat of the body. This glyph symbolizes their potential for strength and determination.

Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus. The symbol is the universally recognized glyph for females. This symbol is known as the Mirror of Venus; It is considered to represent Divine spirit (circle) over matter (cross).

The most widely known myth associated with Taurus is the story of Zeus turning himself into a bull to rescue and seduce Europa. Another myth involves Jupiter/Zeus turning IO into a bull to hide IO from Hera. In one of the twelve labors of Hercules/Herakles, the hero rides a bull across the ocean.



  • Jealous

  • Possessive

  • Resentful

  • Self-indulgent

  • Greedy

  • Stubborn

  • Inflexible

  • Slow

  • Routine

  • Materialistic


  • Patient

  • Reliable

  • Warm-Hearted

  • Loving

  • Persistent

  • Determined

  • Placid

  • Security-Minded

  • Sensual

  • Productive


Pisces is the 12th Zodiac sign in the philosophy of astrology. While there is another constellation of fish, Pisces is unique to the band of stars that can be seen all over the world referred to as the zodiac constellations.


The day and night model of the zodiac is based on the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Different Zodiac Signs are visible at night or day depending on where you live on earth.

Modality Fixed
The three modes of the elements:

  • Cardinal (Initiation)

  • Fixed (Stability)

  • Mutable (Dynamic)

Element Earth

Earth is stabilizing and practical. This element is associated with the HEXAHEDRON among the Platonic Solids!

Taurus Decan I  0º-10º

Apr 20 to 29

Taurus decan 1 is ruled by Mercury and Venus (Taurus triplicity). The Sun steamrolls through constellations Aries, Cassiopeia, the Triangle, the River and the Goldfish from April 20 – 30. These can be the raging bulls of Taurus, with less of the usually placid, laid-back energy that tropical Taurus is known for. Due to precession, this sector is totally dominated by the constellation of Aries which is why there are so many natural leaders here. At the same time,this is the most Taurus decan of tropical Taurus under the triplicity system. This makes them the most fixed and stubborn bulls with a tendency to steamroll.Therefore Taurus decan 1 may take ages to start a project, but once they get the momentum going there is no stopping them and they will flatten everything in their path. The influence of Queen Cassiopeia is also very strong. The poor love was strapped upside down in her throne and hung far up in the poles for boasting that her daughter Andromeda was the fairest of them all. This has taken the haughty Queen down a few pegs, but her voice can still be heard, very loudly due to Mercury ruling this decan too.

Mercury’s influence makes Taurus decan 1 motor mouths, even if their bodies can be slow and plodding at times, the mouth, never! These people are gifted orators and fight their battles with words. They are supreme propagandists, so for them, the pen really is mightier than the sword. Taurus decan 1 likes dictating so they can make great teachers, but they can also be dictators in power too. However as this is a bestial sign, their directing style might lack grace or tact, and their expression is usually frank and to the point.The tarot card associated with this decan is the five of pentacles. Karmically this card means that you may have had many lives addressing poverty and possibly greed. “The Five of Pentacles can be an indication that deep spiritual change is needed and an understanding that money is not everything and, most certainly, not a guarantee of happiness. Instead of being physically hungry, the hunger may be more on an emotional or spiritual level.  You need to evaluate your life to see where the true feeling of deprivation is coming from. You may need to take a look around you, and certainly further than your front door, to understand what true poverty means.” ~ teachmetarot

​(Javon had not finished this part with the decans so credit is given to

Taurus Decan II 10º-20º

Apr 30 to May 10

Taurus decan 2 is ruled by the Moon and Mercury (Virgo Triplicity). The Sun soldiers through the constellations of the River, the Queen, the Chained Princess, the Triangle, the Sea Monster and the Clock from Apr 30 to May 10. These bulls are tenacious and ambitious; they rise to the top through sheer determination, patience and stamina. Taurus decan 2 is mild-mannered, an ace seducer and extremely persuasive. Taurus rules the throat so these folk can be powerful orators or singers.Their speech is a potent tool for propaganda and spin-doctoring thanks to the mercurial influence. Being ruled by the Moon makes them popular, and they appear to play the father or mother of the people. Politically these people give you the feeling they will take care of business and that your life is safe in their responsible hands. Taurus decan 2 has a strong Ceres/Pluto undertone to it. These people can suffocate with love, literally smothering someone to death in the case of the most negative manifestation (Brady strangled his victims). The mix of charm and possessiveness can breed Svengali’s here. Their solid as a rock authority, status and respectability can attract naive and insecure Liza Doolittle’s who look up to them as a parent/mentor.

These bulls can make their protégées believe that they cannot succeed in the world without their Taurean guidance and support, so they will do everything in their power to be indispensable and ultra reliable. Taurus decan 2 make such a comfortable crutch/support that it becomes very difficult for their, by now very feeble-legged, companion to walk away…The tarot card associated with this decan is the 6 of pentacles. “ It is a card of extremes. A card of having/not having, domination/submission, superiority/inferiority, generosity/meanness, supporting/not being supported, being appreciated/being used, teaching/learning, hiring/firing. The list could go on and on. However, one of its strong traditional associated meanings is charity or patronage.  After experiencing difficulties or finding yourself in a bind, usually, financially, someone has stepped in to help out.” ~ teachmetarot

​(Javon had not finished this part with the decans so credit is given to

Taurus Decan III 20º-30º

May 10 to 19

Taurus decan 3 is ruled by Saturn (Capricorn triplicity.) The sun twists and turns through the constellations of the Ram, the River, Perseus the hero, Queen Cassiopeia, Medusa’s head and some of the Pleiades from May 11 to 20. It is appropriate that the dark lord of time Saturn rules this decan twice over since it Taurus 3 contains the infamous star Algol. This part of Taurus is home to bohemians and temperamental, artistic types due to it being jam-packed with so many challenging/volatile/inspiring stars.Most of these stars are extremely emotional since we have so many of the weeping sisters of the Pleiades here too. Decan 3 bovines then are much less set in their ways than the classic Taurus archetype because of the influence of dashing hero Perseus here. Taurus 3 can be daring, but they are still very much fixed in their determination to pursue their dream. Taurus decan 3 are extremely chivalrous, they have impeccable manners and a great deal of class. This means even the most low-down wretched expression of this breed will give off an aura of sophistication. So if Taurus 3 are caught shamefully falling on the pavement (after too much Algol-hol!) they will still manage to wobble back onto their high hooves gracefully.


Taurus decan 3 have superb taste and appreciation of the aesthetic. These bulls managing to dress like a lord even if they can only afford to shop in charity shops. They are also incredibly thrifty and manage to be very creative on a tiny budget. Perhaps Taurus 3 are so creative precisely because they are faced with restrictions and hardship. Ironically, with more choice and a larger budget, they are more likely to stagnate artistically. They seem to enjoy the challenge of having someone or something to overcome, like Perseus slaying his Medusa. Taurus decan 3 has a tinge of sorrow and melancholy about it since some of the stars here are associated with tears (Electra) and pain. (Algol). Saturn being the ruler here is also no stranger to melancholia, but combined with Taurus it gives great stoicism…The tarot card associated with this decan is the seven of pentacles. Karmically it shows a succession of lives that have been extremely physically and emotionally demanding. ” You have been working so hard for such a long time that you probably haven’t had much time to think about such things. If you don’t, then you run the risk of being a slave to your goals forever or just working for the sake of working. You do not need to make any drastic moves or any changes that will destroy all you have worked so hard for. However, you now have the time to raise your head from all the heavy work and take stock of how you proceed from here.” ~ teachmetarot.

(Javon had not finished this part with the decans so credit is given to


Venus: The Goddess of Love. Also known as: Asarte, Aphrodite, Oshun, Isis and many other names in different cultures.


The sign Taurus is ruled by Venus. Physically Taurus is related to the throat. Taurus is said to have a feminine nature and is, therefore, more passive and receptive in its energy expression. This is not “feminine” in the sense of gender, but feminine in the sense of night and day or positive and negative polar opposites.
Taurus is an Earth sign and as such is connected with fruitfulness, luxury indulgences, and stability. A planet placed in this sign will be a stabilizing influence and manifest its energy in a steadfast and determined manner.

Taurus is also a Fixed sign, and this means that once a course is embarked on, it is rarely deviated from. Maintenance and care of existing conditions over long periods of time, and a reluctance to initiate change are qualities of this sign.


Taurus is also connected with the resources of nature, and the whole issue of value and worth. This is their connection to the second house, which is also ruled by Venus. This house is associated with finance, worldly goods and security. People with a strong emphasis in this sign tend to be materialistic, and often get stuck in a rut. By periodically cutting their strong attachments they can gain greater perspective. There is a talent for relaxation and enjoyment of sensory pleasures.

Taurus energy attempts to establish values that are ideal in a systematic way that hopefully transcend attachment to material possessions and persons. Taurus starts in the month of April, which is named after its ruler Aphrodite. In Today’s World Aphrodite is associated with other goddesses such as: Oshun, Inanna, Ishtar and Venus.

While Taurus the Bull is associated with the story of how Jupiter turned himself into a bull to abduct Europa, It is the signs association with the passions of Venus that make the Hierophant so charismatic. The Venus energy is not just about love, beauty and sexuality. Venus’ association is about the strength and endurance of the sacred feminine as the goddess of love is often associated with all goddesses of war around the world.

The second house represents your material resources and that which you value in terms of spirituality and wellness. Anything that you posses that gives you a sense of security relates to the second house. Things such as money, income, property or health and your attitude towards them fall into this category.
Money, finances, possessions, material abundance and values, what we “have” (both literally and figuratively).
This house belongs to Taurus and is ruled by Venus. This house is a night sign of the feminine polarity. Its mode is a fixed house and its element is EARTH!

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