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Each zodiac sign has a planet and a mythology that can potentially teach you something even if you do not believe in the subject of astrology. The Sagittarius myth  teaches us about Chiron, “The Wounded Healer” and “teacher of heroes.” So while Chiron is an asteroid of influence for many astrologers, it is also associated with the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius and with the planet Jupiter (also known as “Zeus” in Greece.) Chiron was the son of Cronus and Philyra, was immortal and therefore could not die. So when Chiron was mortally wounded with arrows poisoned with the blood of the hydra, he was tormented with insufferable pain. There are many variations about how Chiron’s story ends. One version says that Prometheus himself reasoned with Zeus to end the Centaur’s suffering. In another version of the story Hercules bargained with Zeus to set Prometheus free from the rock that Zeus himself, chained Prometheus to for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to humanity. It does not matter which story is true or the most interesting, the point is that all of these myths in literature are a great way for learning minds to learn about life and the many challenges people face while coming of age.


I use the foundation of Greek and Roman society as a foundation for mythology and fan out including, African, Egyptian, Asian, Indian, native stories from any culture that I study. These myths are great stories, but keep in mind that they are very patriarchal and tell another story of man’s sexism and xenophobia in that which they don’t mention. Each of the Gods in most cases has a female equal and I will mention that whenever possible. Bear in mind that sometimes the female deity was the original archetype version of the myth but oppression has a way of  making institutional education no better than propaganda or flat out lies. So I encourage you not to take anything that is shared on this site to be the “authority” on these subjects. You will hear mention of places such as Atlantis, Lemuria, Agartha, Shangri-la and other societies that may have come before Egypt.

Mainstream archeology and academia only recognizes these places as, “fairy tales,” because there is not enough evidence to establish their existence. It is up to you to decide what you think is real using your reasoning skills and your intuition. All subjects that I present throughout this site are simply ideas. I encourage you to do your own research using the tools of critical thinking and come to your own conclusions. It serves you best if you keep that in mind about ANY institute of education from cradle to grave. No institution should be without such scrutiny. So healthy skepticism is expected with the hope that we explore topics to unwrap mysteries not go on a quest for who is “right” or “wrong.”

The unifying theme of mythology on this site is that many different disparate cultures from around the world have myths that are very similar and can be associated with each other. So when I use different names for the same God or Goddess sometimes it is just another name and other times it is a god or goddess from another culture with similar traits.


The subject of SKY GODS is where there is a lot of overlapping qualities from different civilizations. Some sky gods include: Thor (Norse mythology), Horus or “Ra the elder” (Egypt/Kemet), Quetzalcoatl/Kukulcan(Meso-America), or YU-HUANG-SHANG-TI (China). The fact that there are other sky-gods with many similarities, may encourage you to consider that there must be a common link to each of the stories worth knowing and learning from.

One of my favorite myths is Sisyphus. The Sisyphus myth best represents the current state of our western world because 98% of the world’s people seem to be pushing a boulder up a hill that they can never seem to get to the top. Do we just get frustrated, give up and let the rock smash us, or do we hold on to hope and keep going? I suggest that if hope is the last thing in Pandora’s box, then everyone must keep moving forward even when things seem hopeless.

The two most familiar zodiac archetypes are considered the ideal man and woman in astrology. Aries and *Scorpio represent the archetypal male, Mars. The symbol of Mars’ sword and shield  has become the universal symbol for men around the world.  The sword and shield mark men’s restrooms in international places like the airport and help us to sort people by gender when planning projects. While Mars is associated with all of the action, aggression, conflict and athleticism generally correlated to men, Venus represents the archetypal woman (associated with Taurus and Libra).


Venus’ symbol is supposed to be a mirror, and it is recognized in the western world as the symbol associated with females or feminine energy. The many correlation previously mentioned are common throughout mythology, astrology and psychology. The same archetype seems consistently prevalent in personality assessment as well.  No matter what you believe, classifications of personality type or any kind of personality branding, is just another tool for distinguishing and organizing information about our lives. While some feel comfortable with the left-brain’s quantifiable approach of statistical science, some of us are more comfortable with the right-brain’s observational qualitative approach of astrology.

Which astrology archetype are you?

Which personality type do you think you are?

*Scorpio is also ruled by PLUTO in modern Astrology.

Astrological Journey Through The Tarot

See each zodiac sign in the context of the Tarot. featuring work from
Justice XI is Libra: The Goddess of Love. She is also known as Aphrodite in Greece, Ixchel in the Americas and associated with Isis (Ast) in Egypt and Astarte in Babylonia/Sumer

Chakras and Consciousness

Chakras are vortices of energies that relate to our individual and collective connection to each other on the microcosmic level and our connection to the earth and multiverse on a macrocosmic level. These cosmic pin-wheels rotate like two cyclones that are connected at their funnel spout, creating a tidal ebb and flowthrough each conic side of its toroidal structure. The chakra energy is absorbed through the yin/ida channels and emitted through the yang/pingala channels.

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