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Aries Astrology Cosmic Mythology


|MARCH 21 – APRIL 19 | Color = RED | Tone C Major|


The Ram’s horns are the symbol for Aries. According to astrological theory, Aries rules the head and face of the body. This glyph symbolizes their potential to meet life’s challenges head on with assertiveness.


The symbol is a sword/spear (the arrow) and the shield (the circle), which is universally recognized as the symbol for males. The circle represents will/drive/aim/force (arrow) over divine spirit (circle).



In Astrolosophy of Astrology, Aries is ruled by the planet named after the Roman “god of war”, Mars. Mars was said to assist Roman soldiers during wars. It was believed that Mars would bring his two sons “Phobos” (fear) and “Deimos” (dread) with him into battle. The two moons of the planet Mars are named after these children as well. In Greece the God Of War is ARES, with no “I.”



  • Selfish

  • Quick-tempered

  • Impulsive

  • Impatient

  • Foolhardy

  • Arrogant

  • Daredevil

  • Judgmental


  • Adventurous

  • Energetic

  • Pioneering

  • Courageous

  • Passionate

  • Enthusiastic

  • Confident

  • Dynamic

  • Quick-witted

  • Assertive

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Self, person, constitution, life, body. This is why the ascendant in natal charts is so important. Aries is the house of self. This is the personality that you present to the world. Aries Astrology Personality


The day and night model of the zodiac is based on the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Different Zodiac Signs are visible at night or day depending on where you live on earth

Duality: Masculine Day Sign The Zodiac Sign is normally a morning person, unless they drink a lot. 🙂

Modality Cardinal
The three modes of the elements:

  • Cardinal (Initiation)

  • Fixed (Stability)

  • Mutable (Dynamic)

Quality: Cardinal -They like to initiate actions

Element Fire
Fire is creative and action oriented. This element is associated with the TETRAHEDRON among the Platonic Solids

Element: Fire Sign, Love action, quick tempers unless they learn self-discipline. The Aries Astrology Personality type usually over anger relatively quickly.

Aries Decan I 0º-10º

Mar 20 to 29

Aries decan 1 is ruled by Mars (Aries triplicity). They are the newborn babies of the zodiac, coming out into the world kicking, screaming and bawling their eyes out. The Sun struts its way through constellation Pegasus, the Sea Monster, the Lizard, the Pendulum clock and the King from March 21 – 30. These impulsive souls try everything at once and grab with both hands. They want it all and they want it now. Of course, they do, they are the start of a brand new cycle.Everything is fresh, new, shiny and bouncy. These people are natural leaders, warriors, front-line fighters and trailblazers. They have to be the first, best, biggest and bling-est. Gone is the water and the empathy of the previous decan, these folk are so sharply focused on their goals they find it very hard to see their peers right next to them. That is until one should try and overtake them, then it’s “Outta my way!!” Yes, road rage was probably first invented by a flame-headed Aries 1 on a flying horse.

“To boldly go” is Aries 1’s motto. Jump first and think later, this is why these subjects gain the reputation of scandals, accidents and rash decisions. Pegasus’s daring ideas and vision become far more physical here in Aries. Unlike Pisces decan 3, these subjects do not get stuck up in their ivory towers. After they have captured their Pegasus stardust they swing right back down to earth. These people are lusty, red-blooded and fully present in their physical body, which they really cannot wait to “put about”. Aries decan 1′ s sap is rising and eager to start “ramming”, this can be a sexual or competitive butting of horns in the business world. These natives throw out a great sales pitch due to their gift for oratory. This means they are totally comfortable on stage, taking a leadership role and sitting at the head of the table. Sometimes these people will campaign forcefully for or against certain sexual/gender rights…. The tarot card associated with this decan is the two of wands. Karmically this card is about leaving the old for the new, deciding between staying with what you know and leaving for something brand new “ On the outside, it may appear you have it all and are very successful but changes have been occurring on the inside for some time. You may have a new plan of action or a burning desire to do something else. You may feel that your fires have been burning low and that you are in dire need of a new lease of life, change of scenery or change of faces.” ~ Teachmetarot.

​(Javon had not finished this part with the decans so credit is given to

Aries Decan II 10º-20º

Mar 30 to Apr 8

Aries decan 2 is ruled by the Sun (Triplicity Leo). The Sun firmly leads the way through this decan from March 31 to April 9. This is where Aries gets regal, for here we have the King, the Princess, a Sea Monster, a furnace, a Dragon and a Star Measurer. These people follow no leaders and work best as their own boss or taking command over others.Aries decan 2 desperately wants to shine and be respected for rising to the top of their field. They can be seen as quite ruthless in pushing past those they perceive are holding them back from their ultimate throne, but that is a misconception! This decan simply lacks the charm to sugar-coat its instructions and doesn’t bother to conceal its ambitious maneuvers like more sneaky-minded decans. What you see is what you get.This decan can be brutally honest which can get Aries decan 2 into trouble even if it’s in the best interests of those they are trying to direct. Despite the rulership of the Sun, this decan is not so ego-driven as you might think, but they do have to be their own sovereign. In traditional astrology, the Sun is exalted in Aries.

Austin Coppock calls this decan “The Crown” and says “Applied magically, this decan has tremendous power. It is the power to generate the world of your choosing and to be its sovereign. It is the key to creating realities that do not obey the laws of the collective reality field in which they exist.” [1]Aries decan 2 have a horror of being chained down to anything, needing absolute freedom to fly where they will. If you try to restrict them in any way, you will experience some of this decan’s flaming hot temper. The Furnace and the Sea Monster here can bring rages out of nowhere; usually triggered by someone trying to restrict their movement in some way.Controlling Aries decan 2’s whereabouts is a huge ‘no-no.’ Try telling your teenage ram she is grounded if you want to witness an exploding oven (Fornax!). They will do anything, anything, to escape, so daring feats like breaking out of a second-floor bedroom window are not unknown. Aries decan 2 is the ultimate in being oppositional to prove a point, no one is going to take away their sovereignty! They will rally round the troops to defend their rights and have the uncanny knack of getting everyone on their side at a moments notice….The Tarot card associated with Aries decan 2 is the three of wands. Karmically this card’s primary meaning is that of travel and liberating yourself from a painful situation in a past life. “Whatever you have been working on has taken off and the results are beginning to show. The future looks bright and rosy from where you are standing. The Three of Wands brings with it a sense of personal power and becoming aware of your place in the world. It is a time of wonderful growth and personal development. You are ready to spread your wings and take on the whole world.” ~ Teachmetarot. 

​(Javon had not finished this part with the decans so credit is given to

Aries Decan III 20º-30º

Apr 9 to 19 

Aries Decan 3 are ruled by Venus and Jupiter by triplicity (Sagittarius). The Sun trail blazes through the constellations of the Sea Monster, River, Goldfish, King, Fishes and Princess from April 10 – 20. Although we are in a fire sign you can see we have quite a nautical battle on our hands as Venus was the goddess of love and war in ancient times. So what we end up with is a raging sea and a tsunami of flaming emotions. Aries decan 3 needs to make love not war, but if it can’t make love then the war can get very monstrous indeed.Despite the decan being ruled by two benefics in separate systems, nearly all of the stars in Aries decan 3 are given the attributes of Saturn, or Jupiter/Saturn. Everything with these rams is played at epic proportions. It is also very sexual since we know Jupiter was the biggest nymph chaser of them all. Of course, this decan will have quite Sagittarius attributes too, so here we get judgemental folk who sometimes take the law into their own hands. We can also find pirate types and vigilantes here.


Of course, very ardent lovers also reside in Venus-ruled Aries decan 3. None of the unrequited, yearning, courtly love of their neighbours Pisces, but full steam ahead passion. Aries decan 3, on its way to sensual Taurus, may get the vote as the mosthighly sexed of all the decans, but god help us if this huge libido is bottled up. It can be massively self-destructive if it is capped with nowhere to flow…On the positive side, the Venusian charm can also work to tame an aggressive audience. The power of art or humour to heal and be cathartic is also found here. Austin Coppock calls this decan “ The Burning Rose; setting fire to the hearts of all that bear witness” he also visualises “a hippy places a rose into the barrel of a loaded gun” [1] echoing my “Make Love Not War” statement earlier.The tarot card associated with this decan is the four of wands which is associated with reunions, returning home, community and celebrations. The effect of jovial Jupiter is clearly felt with this card as are the close ties of star Alrisha and the religiosity of Acamar. So despite the monstrous influence, karmically this position is generally a positive one. The fortune could be a reward after a few lifetimes of dedication and deferred gratification “this card heralds the successful achievement or desired outcome of a situation or project due to hard work and determination.  The Four of Wands can highlight the ‘settling in’ period after this achievement and the desire to establish roots of some kind.  The Four of Wands returns stability, order and security into your life after a period of upheaval, movement and transition. It also highlights a period of contentedness which is a much-needed experience for the frenetic Wands type.” ~ Teachmetarot.

​(Javon had not finished this part with the decans so credit is given to


House 1

The first house represents the “mask,” “shield,” or “body guard” that you present to the world.
Appearance, persona, outer personality, our “interface” with the world, how others see us.
This house belongs to Aries and is Ruled by Mars. This house is a day sign of the masculine polarity. Its mode is a cardinal house and its element is FIRE!


The Aries Astrology Personality on this website, I refer to each zodiac sign as a slot of the “Astroclock™” Aries is in the 9 O’clock slot but is referred to as the first “House” because that is the point where the sun rises above the horizon. Aries Astrology Personality is an archetype or “stereotype.” Generally many Aries behavior traits are similar. The intelligence, the lack of patience, the inherent leadership qualities. However, more credible astrologers also look at your “horoscope” or “Natal Chart” So that we can research which zodiac sign your moon was in at the time of your birth. Since the moon in Astrology is supposed to discuss a person’s emotional depth and the shadows of their personality, so people may not seem like their sun sign reports it to be in the newspaper.

Aries Astrology Personality: Influence of Mars Relations With Venus

Mars (Ares, Amun-Ra, Tir) and Venus (Aphrodite, Ixchel, Freja, Oshun) are a representation of the protective Sacred Masculine and the Life Giving Sacred Feminine energies that keep the cosmos in balance. There are examples of them in every mythology in every culture around the world. Look past the archetypes of Western Civilization and you will find a wealth of myths from Africa, China, Indonesia, India, South America, and The islands of the Pacific. What many patriarchal cultures don’t discuss is that usually when a women is a “goddess of love,” she is also a goddess of war. In the Aztec and Mayan pantheon, Venus is seen as more “masculine” or male archetype. Male Mars, or Aries symbolism also includes the goddess Athene, sometimes referred to as Pallas Athene. She is the goddess of war and wisdom. She represents the complex use of strategy over blood lust and balls out destruction. Mars can sling a great sledgehammer, but can he play a game of chess?— is the question you should ask.


The Aries Astrology Personality paints Aries to be a hot head. However, if you pay close attention to the Aries Astrology Personality archetype, they are actually simply passionate about everything.  That passion thing is also the secret sauce to their “sexy” that is the ARIES claim to fame. This passion makes them appear a bit hard when you first meet them, but as time goes by you will discover the treasure that is the Aries Astrology Personality. The sense of humor of an Aries usually has this astrologer in stitches as their keen eye for detail quickly and precisely points out the irony  and hypocrisy in most things we experience in our daily life. Got to love those rams.the earth, it looks like a different constellation of a zodiac sign is present in the sky. But you would no see Aries during the day because the bright light of the sun drowns out the pattern of stars in the sky.

The sign Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. Physically Aries is related to the head. It is said to have a masculine nature, and is, therefore, more direct and penetrative in its energy. Aries is a fire sign, and this means a planet placed here will have a need to manifest itself in a very dynamic manner, and that the expression of personal identity through action is important. Competition or the desire to come first is paramount. As Aries is Cardinal sign, its energy is manifested in dynamic bursts. Short-term goals are important and tangible results are achieved rapidly.

People with a strong emphasis in this sign will have leadership and pioneer traits, though there is a tendency towards impulsiveness and a short temper. Impatience and egocentricity need to be balanced, and greater awareness of the needs of others should be developed to avoid conflict and tension.

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