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December 27, 2014:

Today's Mandala is brought to you by friendships.
If you have any person (or persons) in your life that have been your peer support as if they were blood family, this is for you!

This is for people who can withstand being under your dark clouds and bask underneath your sunshine. Friends like this have a graceful reciprocity in which they are there for each other yet know exactly how to give you space to grow or simply just be!

Friends you can exchange inappropriate jokes with.

Friends you can laugh about the most simple of life's pleasures and find yourself still laughing about them years/decades later!

Friends that love you "As Is!"

These friends are just like family, without the social obligation.

Diversity is the key to the blossom of my Utopia as my friends come from all over the world and from many different backgrounds. For me, our differences makes us that much stronger and wiser. We simply need to finish growing into our species. 


While Mars is in Aquarius, be sure to acknowledge your friends and remind them of how much you love them.Pass this on to any friend you wish to acknowledge...or not. Picking up a phone, texting, messaging are all just as well!Its the message that counts not the medium of this post!I hope you are all enjoying the compassion of the Pisces Moon!



Special Dedication:  Aparna Bell

If you would like to add more pictures please go to the contact page and send me an email and we can exchange pictures. Thanks!

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